Watertreatment – Analysis – Technology

products and services to:
– develop new options in water
– analyse existing water resources
– use technology and applied science


water services and products including :

– treatment plans
– jar test studies
– pilot plant hire
– chemicals and dosing equipment
– analytical monitoring
– advice on existing problems

Container WTP

mobile water treatment plant

Rapid response hire, water purification & pilot trials, comprehensively equipped :

– 5m3/hour output
– media and micro filtration
– iron and manganese removal
– ion exchange for softening and nitrate removal
– membrane desalination (RO and nano-filtration)
– UV sterilisation
– internet remote control and monitoring (SCADA)

Better Water – Farming Smarter

best quality mixing water is required for agriculture chemicals

Poor water quality affects the usability of many agricultural products including herbicides and wetting agents:
– Groundwater hardness causes deposits in inconvenient places: water taps, shower heads, spray nozzles, heater elements etc.
(see photo above of calcite build-up discovered in a groundwater transfer pipeline).
– inactivation of agricultural products through inferior quality mixing water: muddy, saline, hard, high and low pH (source: 2014 GRDC fact sheet) :

Solar powered desalination

Solar panel for submersible borewater feed pump

Software upgrade for the WTP

“Water-shed” with solar panels next to windmill and turkey’s nest

WTP with inverter and batteries